What kind of boat is best for you?

Find out what kind of boat is the best for you.


Sailboats differ from other types of boats in that they are propelled partly or entirely by wind; they use sails to transform the power of the wind into power that moves the boat through the water. The term sailboat covers a wide variety of sailing craft, each with its own characteristics and styles. In general, sailboats are distinguished by size, hull configuration, keel type, number of sails, use and purpose. They are great for romantic cruises as well as adventurous regatta races.


A catamaran is geometry-stabilized, that is, it derives its stability from its wide beam, rather than having a ballasted keel like a sailboat. Being ballast-free and lighter than a sailboat, a catamaran can have a shallower draught. The two hulls can have a narrower combined width of entry than that of a sailboat, allowing for reduced form drag. They provide the luxury of space comparing to other types of boats.


Large boats equipped with powerful single or twin engines, these craft are ideal for sea cruising, navigating large rivers or the Great Lakes, as well as entertaining at the dock, and can stay on the water for days.


A gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel (the most common design has two masts)originally from the southwestern coast of Turkey. Today, this type of vessel, varying in size from 14 to 35 metres, with capacity up to 50 passengers, is popular for tourist charters. For considerations of crew economy, diesel power is now almost universally used and many are not properly rigged for sailing.

Motor boats

A motor boat is a small boat powered by an engine. Some motorboats are fitted with inboard engines but most of the motorboats have an outboard motor installed on the rear. Unlike the motoryachts, there are no sleeping facilities on the motorboats.