The sailing paradise of Europe

There is no better place to start your sailing holiday then on the crystal clear blue seas of Adriatic. Croatia with the 1 244 islands provides 1 244 unique reasons to dream of sailing adventure. Evenly distributed, with short distances between the islands along a coastline extending 5 835 km, from Istria to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s islands offer a real challenge to every modern-day Odysseus. With over 1 500 coves, bays and ports on islands and the mainland where one can find a berth, drop anchor or stay overnight, the Croatian Adriatic is the very place for sailing under full sail, for a motorboat cruise, or for simply enjoying the sea by boat for recreational fishing.

Croatian marinas are situated in exceptionally well protected locations, from larger towns to small coves on islands. Besides various other services, Marinas offer many restaurants and cellars where one can enjoy excellent drinks and local and international cuisine. For those who prefer the charm of little ports in the very heart of the small coastal towns, they have at their disposal quaysides all along the Adriatic – from Cavtat, and Gruž in Dubrovnik, Vela Luka on Korčula, Hvar and Vis, and all the way to Lošinj and Istria.

Even in olden times the Adriatic Sea was one of the most crucial sailing routes for ancient cultures. Being one of the calmer seas, without large waves or very strong currents, its greatest depth is 1 330 metres – and that at its southernmost part – the Croatian Adriatic. With its attractive coastal area covering 138 595 km2, the extraordinary clarity of its waters with visibility to the fascinating depth of 50 metres, and an average water temperature of 16 to 21 °C, the Croatian Adriatic is indeed an ideal place for your dream sailing adventure.